LIS 7530 Internet Fundamentals & Design

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Course Description

An introduction to the fundamentals of the Internet that integrates an overview of basic Internet concepts with actual website development. Concepts include the Internet's origins, evolution, architecture, telecommunications and networking, and critical issues such as security, privacy, copyright, and governance. Students gain a basic understanding of web content languages, website management, and design/usability principles through creating websites validated by World Wide Web Consortium standards. 3 credits. Co-requisites: LIS 7010, 7030.

Course Websites

  • Fall 2010, 7530-G01 & G02: PBworks
  • Fall 2009, 7530-G01 & G02: Moodle and PBworks
  • Fall 2008, 7530-G01 & G02: MediaWiki and PBwiki
  • Fall 2007, 7530-G01 & G02: MediaWiki
  • Fall 2006, 7530-G01 & G02: Moodle, PBwiki

Course Resources