My long-term goal as a learning facilitator is to develop and implement an effective community learning model for face-to-face, blended, and distance-learning contexts that remains true to the core principles, values, and commitment to service of the information professions. I believe that learning at its best is a vibrant process fueled by curiosity, need, purpose, and passion. When we seek answers to meaningful questions, learning moves us to new states of understanding that have transformative power. The process of seeking information, applying critical and creative thinking, reflecting individually and collaboratively, and integrating our new understandings into our value systems turns experience into discerning judgment, more effective action, and joyful appreciation.

My role as a learning facilitator is to structure learning activities, support diversity of experience and talent, challenge others and myself to new ways of thinking, and nourish creativity in order to facilitate this transformative learning process. What has been reaffirmed for me throughout my years of teaching is that when we -- students and teachers -- are as fully present as we can be, the learning community provides far richer support, stimulation, and inspiration than a single individual could.

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